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Premium 150 Nursing Bench

Bathing & Hygiene
Premium 150 Nursing Bench

Electrically adjustable nursing bench

The Premium 150 Nursing Bench offers a cost effective solution to height adjustable showering and changing.

With a Rilsan-coated frame and a practical and durable PVC stretcher, the Premium 150 provides a sturdy and convenient surface which can be electrically height adjusted by a full 400mm in height.
The integrated gas cylinders enable the bench to be folded out of the way when not in use to maximise floor space in front of the unit.
The splash curtain (optional) for the nursing bench protects the carer against splashing.

Height adjustable, electrically powered
Folding top
Perforated PVC stretcher for drainage
Optional splash skirt
Optional safety side rail

Premium 150 Dimensions

Premium 150 Nursing Bench
Safe Working Load150kg
Depth (from wall)735mm
Depth of stretcher600mm
Min height520mm
Max height920mm
Max height (when folded)1640mm

N2454 Premium 150 Nursing Bench
N3248 Splash skirt for Premium 150
N3249 Safety Side Rail for Premium 150

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