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Air Rise 260

Moving & Handling
Air Rise 260

Air Rise ceiling hoist - incredibly robust with advanced diagnositcs

AirRise260™ is no ordinary hoist unit – it’s the result of many careful refinements and meticulous attention to detail. Yet despite this, this product is incredibly robust, sturdy, and reliable, with an impressive safe working load of 260kg

Having spoken to numerous clients and caregivers, we found that the main pitfall of a traditional hoist unit is unreliable batteries, and finding that the hoist unit never had enough charge when you needed it most. The Innova™ team set to work with enthusiasm. The AirRise260™ utilises 5 amp batteries, which are bigger than the norm for this type of equipment. The ‘Battery Protection Software’ helps keep the batteries in great condition, and tells the user when the hoist needs charging. The benefits of this optional system are well proven – our clients tell us that it has actually significantly reduced their maintenance costs, improving long-term cost efficiency.

The AirRise260™ also incorporates an advanced diagnostics feature, which enables technicians to see useful data at a glance, such as the total number of lifts the unit has made in its lifetime.

The AirRise260™ is suspended from a twin trolley. Both sections of the trolley can steer, meaning transfers through tight corners are smooth and comfortable, and noise is reduced. It’s undeniable that this is a simple concept, but it definitely makes a difference.

Charging the hoist is easy, as it just charges by putting the handset into the magnetic wall-charger. If someone walks into the wire whilst it’s charging, there’s no harm done – the handset just comes away from the wall.

The AirRise260™ is suitable for use in almost any care environment or domestic setting, thanks to its extensive spreader bar options. Both 2 or 4 point spreader bars can be specified, with loop or clip-fixing options. The clip-fixing versions are available as a manual or an electrically powered wishbone spreader bar.

The AirRise260™ runs on the AirGlide360 track system, which offers the most comfortable track system in the world

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