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Heron Pool Lift

Moving & Handling
Heron Pool Lift

Heron - A stainless steel pool hoist which can be configured for different environments

The Heron is manufactured from stainless steel with a painted finish, which gives the hoist an unprecedented lifespan given the environment in which it is designed to operate.
Available in 4 designs, it is very configurable and flexible.

The Heron is powered in its lift, by a battery powered electric motor, for effortless patient transfers. The rotation is manual giving the operators fine control.

The Heron is available with a spreader bar for use with a soft sling, or with a patient seat which may be detached onto a wheeled transporter chassis for easy transfers.

The frame of the Heron can be manufactured for pools above or below the ground. A selection of sockets means that new builds and retrofit installations are equally straight forward.

Our product specialists will assist with poolside layouts and site assessments.

  • Stainless steel
  • 135kg SWL
  • Choice of poolside sockets
  • Lift with sling or rigid seat

HERON Pool Hoist Technical

Safe Working Load135kg
MaterialStainless Steel, painted finish
Warranty12 months
Product weight - with spreader bar38kg
Product weight - with patient seat and chassis58kg
Usage rating10% - max 6 minutes per hour

N2462 Heron Pool Lift, with spreader bar
N2566 Heron Pool Lift, with detachable seat and mobile chassis

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