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VIKTA Air Tilt Mattress

Care Beds & Cots
VIKTA Air Tilt Mattress

A low-air loss mattress with independent tilting therapy

An excellent route to saving money by reducing patient intervention time, the Vikta mattress provides gentle and timed lateral rotation of the user.

Using robust low-air loss cells under a vapour-permeable top sheet, the Vikta keeps the skin well ventilated. Together with the 3-cell cycle and the constant gentle rotation, the users skin is kept cool and healing is promoted.

  • Patient weight and cycle adjustment
  • CPR Rapid deflation valves
  • 3 cell inflation cycle
  • Use with profiling beds

  • SWL 200kg (30 stones)
  • Suitable for HIGH RISK category users
  • Warranty - 5 years on pump

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