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SELECT Basin Mount

Bathing & Hygiene
SELECT Basin Mount

A contemporary basin mount offering height adjustment

The SELECT basin mount provides height adjustment for a wash basin - ideal for a multi-user environment or where a user may use different wheelchairs or supports.

The lifter‘s stringent and pure design as well as smooth surfaces are easy to clean and attractive to look at. They also help ensure good hygiene in the bathroom. The exclusive aluminium side profiles are light, durable and elegant to look at.
The wash basin is raised or lowered using the wired hand control or the lever control at the end of the wash basin. The lever control can be positioned on either side of the wash basin and also serves as a towel holder. The lever control is strong enough to be used as an extra support.

The wash basin can be adjusted 300 mm – from 670 to 970 mm above the floor.

The SELECT basin bracket conceals the plumbing behind decorative panels for a tidy installation

Speed without load, up/down: 21 mm/s
Maximum load: 150 kg
Adjustment range 300 mm

SELECT Basin Bracket dimensions

N1269 Select Wash Basin Bracket, Electric Motor, with concealed plumbing, Remote Control (Lever controlled), height adjustment 300 mm. With anthracite front cover

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