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Sedeo Pro/Lite Seating System

Sedeo Pro/Lite Seating System

The new Sedeo offers you a wide choice of support and positioning options. Two seat frame types are available as a basis.

  • Sedeo Lite, a no-nonsense, robust seat frame for those who can cope with simpler functionality (Maximum user weight 130 kg).
  • Sedeo Pro, highly functional and adjustable for those requiring high positioning support (User weight up to 160 kg).

Most Sedeo options, including a complete range of comfort seat cushions, backrests, armrests and legrests, can be easily combined with both seat frames, always providing an ergonomic seating solution. And allowing you to easily add and/or exchange options (upgrade) to adapt to changing needs.

Special requirements can also be accommodated with the Sedeo range

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